10 Essential Travel Apps & Sites You Need On The Road

by TravelersItch
Travel Apps Websites

With all the traveling we’ve done (and still doing) there’s definitely more than a handful resources we use! Times have changed (we’re so old) and everything is at your fingertips! Why not make it a little easier on yourself? We have used all single travel apps and sites on this list, and hopefully it will help you too!


Polarsteps Travel

Polarsteps is, hands down, our favorite app. It tracks where you are, even offline and allows you to upload photos and write a story for every step you take. It’s super easy to share snippets of your travel story when you don’t want to write something elaborate like a blog or even a Facebook post.



Who doesn’t use Booking.com? It’s got thousands and thousands of rooms, apartments and houses. Especially in Europe and the US it’s got tons of options. Little perk; if you book more than 5 stays in 2 years and reach Genius level 2, you get upgrades, breakfast and discounts at some properties.


Agoda is our go to platform for bookings in Asia. While Booking sometimes comes up short, you can always find a cool hostel on Agoda.

AirBnB is perfect for when you want a more local feel! If you want to get away from the hotels and the tourist areas and really live it up local style, AirBnB is for you!


Skyscanner really is the only website we use for flight bookings. Even if you don’t have any plans yet, you can search by budget and county and have them give you options!

Alright, CheapTickets is a close second! Especially handy when you’re looking for a quick package deal.


lonely planet

Lonely Planet guides may not get you off the beaten track per se anymore, but admittedly, they’re still the first books we buy.

Lately, we’ve also been buying Rough Guides. They’re not as shiny as the LP’s, but we feel they offer different options and a bit more in-depth info.


Splitwise is a super easy app that helps you manage your finances on the road, and especially when you’re traveling with other people. Don’t wanna calculate each expense down to the cent to see what you owe each other? Splitwise will do it for you.

Sign in with your email, and TripIt will keep track of all your bookings and notify you when stuff is coming up. Tracking flights? It will even remind you of delays and gate changes.


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