The Plan

by TravelersItch
The Plan

Aah we are leaving in 4 months!

Jochem and I had been talking about traveling for a while without an actual plan. We’d take trips; a weekend, sometimes long ones, but something structured? Nah. But when work really started to become a party pooper recently, we decided to take a more serious look at it.

Initially, we thought we would purchase an RV sometime in summer 2020, pack it up and drive it as far as it would take us. Thing is, an RV costs a shitload, and we realized that summer 2020 was still a lot further away than we wanted to accept. So… what if we left earlier?

We did the calculations, made plans, had a look at the employment situation and made the jump a few weeks ago. Between working remotely and an unpaid leave, we managed to carve out 6 months where we can do whatever we want! Which, in our case, is flying to Bangkok on December 24th, spending New Year’s on a Thai island, lounging around for 2 more weeks and after that… we’ll see where the wind takes us. The plan is not super original, I suppose, but for us, it’s all we wanted!

We can’t wait to soak up the sun in Ko Kood, see the pagoda’s in Myanmar, boat down the Mekong river, find hidden Cambodian islands…. You catch the drift.

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